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street_pix's Journal

Street photography
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This is a community to post street photography.
"Pix" in the name stands for "pictures" (pics) if you didn't get it.

There are no particular rules yet. Will set them on the fly.
Let's say -- pictures significantly larger that 600 pixels wide goes under the cut, OK? And let it be your pictures. Well, if you don't want for a change to show us pictures today but want to say something non-obvious instead or share some site you like with great street photography, feel free.

Would be nice if you'll specify geography and year when the picture been taken. Oldies are welcomed and very much appreciated.

If you're an american and usually asks passers-by permission to take their picture, then don't post those where your "models" are recognizable and you have no signed models releases. (Ha-ha-ha...)
If you are originally from any other part of the globe (even if now you live in the U.S.), -- laugh loud, and post whatever you think is appropriate. Let your own senses guide you.